About Early Learning

Explorika provides a comprehensive early years program for children ages 3 months to 6 years. Schooling is integrated with the child care routine to enable development of the whole child in a healthy, hygienic, safe and nurturing environment. Our programs encourage children to be active participants in the educational process; enables learning through guided explorations.

Program schedules include schooling in the mornings and age appropriate activities (like art, dance, music, karate, etc) in the afternoons. Full day and Extended child care programs are designed to provide safe, caring learning environment to children, while their parents are at work.

Age-appropriate childcare programs are designed to suit all working parent’s needs and children developmental goals. We understand that children spend close to half their waking hours in a child care setting, our fine crafted care giving routines are administered by trained child-caregivers.

All programs are based on a play and experimentation, giving children time to explore, investigate, inquire, ponder and wonder at their own pace, thus balancing their confidence and self-esteem.

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